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    • Hi Richard, NAP705 is in two version, red and black, but I’m not sure if it was sold as a single deck or double pack.
      It’s one of the classic patterns, I think around 10-15$ used (20 if double pack) and a sealed one may double its value.
      It was on sale in early 1980s for ¥700.

  1. AWPL started 1948 by Hillerstroem & CO of Helsingborg Sweden
    a shipping line beweekn Australiaand Japan , it closed down 1976
    (my old company ) the ” H ” stand for Hillerstroem ( family name )

  2. M.S. Andros should be added to the yellow list. I was employed on M.S. Andros in 1967 and joined the ship in Brisbane.

  3. I sailed on the Delos from Sydney, Brisbane, Port Moresby, Rabaul, Madang and Lae and back to Sydney in September 1966. I was seven years old. We were the only children of a small passenger list and had the run of the ship from the engine room to the bridge. Totally indulged.
    The one memory from on board that stands out was being on the bridge as the Skipper navigated our way through the coral into Madang. The most vivid colours I have every seen. It was truly magical.

  4. Hi! I have a mint condition plastic two-deck set of these that I’m looking to sell to a collector. Any recommendations on where to post them? Thanks!