Back to Country – Van Jacket

Back to Country
Country Club (“Back to Country”)

52 cards + 2 Jokers
108mm x 63mm

– advertising deck for Van Jacket, Inc. (USA) a Japanese fashion company
– cardboard box telescope type
– reverse door design
– known persons depited on court cards

Court cards have view “through a keyhole” of illustrations of famous personalities, including John F. Kennedy (KC), Frank Sinatra (JS), Sammy Davis (JC), Jr., Brigitte Bardot (QS), Sophia Loren, Mao Tze tung (KD), Abraham Lincoln (KS) and the Frankenstein monster (Joker).

Deck produced in 1979, however the figures depicted were prominent in the early 1960s, featuring deceased political leaders and “past their prime” entertainers and movie stars. It is possible that the “Country” and “Country Club” references are related to slogans or advertising campaigns used by Van Jacket at the time the cards were made.

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