52 cards + 1 joker + 1 card introducing Sharp + 1 card with photo of Factory in Japan + 1 card with a 1950s/60s Television set

– black reverse with green and white Sharp logo
– suit colours are: Hearts red, Clubs green, Diamonds orange, Spades purple
– with Japanese writing on every card
– plastic box

The company was founded in September 1912 and takes its name from one of its founder’s first inventions, the Ever-Sharp mechanical pencil, which was invented by Tokuji Hayakawa (早川 徳次) in 1915. Since then it has developed into one of the leading electronics companies in the world.
After the pencil business was destroyed by the 1923 Great Kantō earthquake, the company relocated to Osaka and began designing the first generation of Japanese radio sets. These went on sale in 1925. In 1953 Sharp started producing television sets.

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